What New Biomes Might Be Comming to 0.9.0?

10/28/2013 13:00
It has been confirmed that there are going to be new biomes added to 0.9.0, but there are guidelines to them. Mojang has said that there will not be any biomes with the word extreme, no biomes with dense amounts of trees, and no nether or end. Although these guidlines do get rid of many biomes,...

Update 0.8.0 Features

10/28/2013 11:03
  Update 0.8.0 is almost here, comming within the next week or two! Find out all of what is confirmed to be in the update! ENVIRONMENT : Gravel Texture Birch Texture 3-D clouds Farther Render Distance Lighter Water Lighter Sky Lighter Grass Moving Shadows Smoother Lighting that effects...